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This is a short one minute video of my daughter collecting eggs at school, but it’s what she does about 15 seconds in that just broke my heart.


Sharing her eggs

First day of Pre-K

My princess had her first day of pre-k today.  Looks like she enjoyed it.  Now I gotta get a board so I can start hanging up and collecting all the cool stuff she’s going to be creating.



Why I put family first


See that little girl there? She’ll be 3 next month.  Her mother didn’t want to spend all of xmas day with her.  She had other prorities.  Dad did not.  Dad’s priority was to spend time with family, and of this also he was bereft.  So, my ONLY child had all of dad’s attention.  As it should be.  Merry Xmas Layla.  I love you.  One day I’ll get to explain this all to you.



She loves to dance

Anytime Layla hears music she wants to dance.  She’ll say ‘daddy dance’ and we hold hands and she’ll jump up and down.  Today at BWW she was content to do it on her own.

The moments you cherish

After changing into jammies last night, Layla comes up on the couch with me and says ‘daddy I wanna snug you’, and sits right next to me.  Then, she says we need a blanket, and I tell her to go get it.  She gets up and grabs the blanket at the end of the couch and proceeds to cover us up.  Tells me she ‘wuvs’ me and gives me a kiss, and lays her head down on me as we watch tv.  It’s moments like these I will never forget, but I’m still writing them down, just in case.


Playing around at day care and she took a tumble into a toy and sliced her forehead open.  3 stitches.  She took them like a champ.  Daddy rushed out of work to go get her and bring her to the ER.  Almost the entire time up until the stitches she was chatty with everyone and playing around like nothing was wrong.  Afterward just the same.  Relaxing now and keeping her on her pain meds. 




You are my light

To my dearest Layla,

Every day when I see you, I know why I’m alive.  You’re every word makes me wait until the day we can actually converse.  Even now, I get most of what you tell me.  I can’t wait until we can talk about what you say and sing to me.


Why so serious?

Watching something with fairies last night, and she was totally engrossed.  Had a little fun with the pic.


Easter Sunday 2014

This was Layla’s first ‘real’ Easter where she had an idea of what was going on. We didn’t do any egg coloring this year since she has a habit of throwing/dropping things, so we figure that’ll be next year. We did some egg hunting in which she had a lot of fun, so I’m guessing next year we’ll have to go to a real egg hunt. It was a fun Sunday where she basically was in pj’s all day eating treats and playing (which is pretty much every stay at home day!). So, enjoy a few pics. These are auto-awesomed by Google.








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