My wife finally got the crib for Layla.  Being a guy with absolutely no gay tendencies, I didn’t give a rats ass what it looked like.  I had two criteria.  1) Functionality 2) Price — This is otherwise known as the ‘Get The Most Bang For Your Buck’ method.   The springs have additional holes so we can lower it as she gets bigger and attempts to escape the bonds of her prison.  My wife said she had read some of the comments on the site she bought this from, and they said it was around a 45 minute build time.  Uh, yea.. right.  Maybe with a few day laborers from the street corner.  There is pretty much no way one person could do this solo without having clamps and sawhorses and beer.  As it was, it took me and her 6yr old about 2 hours.  The instructions actually said ‘These instructions will be similar to the product you purchased’.  It was missing a few screw holes, and was not very clear on inside/outside.   I expect to be selling this eventually, so if you’re planning on having any little shit machines, let me know.

Layla's Cage

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