Well we’re 10 weeks in and she has RSV.  Those of you who are parents are probably familiar with this, as it says most every child gets it before the age of 2.  I had to go look it up.  She had a doctor visit yesterday, and she’s going back in today.  I slept on the couch last night while Stacey had Layla in the little bounce seat on the bed with a humidifier going in our bedroom so she could keep a close eye on her.  At about 2:30am I was called to duty when Layla puked up a load of breast milk.   Not quite sure why I had to clean the puke off of her and change her clothes and diapers, as Stacey is more than capable.  Apparently, she’s averse to baby puke and had to pee 🙂  So yesterday not only did I get the diaper full of turd, I also got to clean up puke.  DOUBLE WHAMMY!

From these pics taken yesterday evening you wouldn’t guess she was sick.